To employers and recruiters, your resume communicates your qualifications as well as your brand—who you are and what sets you apart. Participants must create resumes that include contact information, objectives, work experience, education, and skills Each candidate will upload their resumes to the provided Google form link and bring a hard copy with them to the interview. The three best performers will be crowned winners and receive fantastic prizes.

Conference Hall
Entry Fee 50₹

What will you get from “RESUME 101”?

Making resumes is typically regarded as tedious or burdensome. You might be shocked to realize that it’s a fantastic approach to picking up some lessons about where you've been and where you're going in the future. Let me just briefly summarize some of the lessons.

Looking back at your progress serves as a potent motivator to keep advancing professionally. There is no reason you should quit doing it now if you have been doing it all along. With every new position or promotion, you've learned new abilities and evolved as a member of your field, and that's consistently set you up well for the future.

You'll realize you have more skills than you thought once they're documented. In order to accentuate your abilities, you should think about restricting the length of your skill list. To impress the hiring manager, you can also modify the list of talents on your resume based on the position you're looking for.

It's also crucial to understand that, in many situations, "soft" abilities are just as crucial as "hard" skills. Soft skills, which include problem-solving abilities, leadership strategies, and team communication, are typically just as crucial for jobs as technical expertise or prior patient care experience.

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