A startup aims at bringing innovation and building ideas that can be typically used to resolve real-life problems.In this event, candidates will present their ideas to a professional jury, which will assess the candidates based on their concept and business strategy.The top startup business from Chhattisgarh will be on the judging panel.The best pitches will advance to further rounds and will also be rewarded with some exciting prizes. Additionally, they might get investment funds, which will aid in the concept's development and success.

Conference Hall
Entry Fee 50₹

What will you get from “Let's Startup”?

Many people have fantastic ideas that have the potential to literally change the world, either positively or negatively.

With "Let's Startup," we give such people a platform to express their ideas in front of an audience and, more importantly, judges who are already successful in their businesses that began on a small scale as startups.

A startup is essentially a company in its early stages of operation.

By attending this event, you will receive the following benefits:
  1. Improved topical presentation
  2. Increased confidence as a result of pitching ideas.
  3. A Significant Increase in Creativity and Innovation
  4. Better points to present to people

Meet Our Coordinators

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Prof.K.G.S. Sharma
Faculty Coordinator
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Samarth Parmanand
Student Coordinator
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Tanishqa Sahu
Student Coordinator