Organizations employ personal interviews as part of the hiring process to comprehend and evaluate the candidates.In Apni Pehchaan, a panel of professionals will evaluate the participants based on the resumes they provided, thus it is expected that the participants will bring theirs. Additionally, they would have to sit through several behavioral interviews. Throughout the entire process, candidates could prepare for upcoming rounds of personal interviews, which are crucial in nearly every phase of placement interviews.

Conference Hall
Entry Fee 50₹

What will you get from “Apni Pehchaan”?

Before a job interview, the majority of us experience stress and overload. Your performance will be at its finest if you have done your preparation in advance. During a personal interview, recruiters will evaluate you on a personal level, including your personality, work ethic, stress management skills, and ability to fit into the company’s culture. What are you hoping to gain from this?

Meet Our Coordinators

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Prof.Hemant Verma
Faculty Coordinator
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Abhishek Singh
Student Coordinator
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B.V.S.S Charan
Student Coordinator