One of the key skill sets for students at higher education institutions is presentation ability. The fundamental goal of emphasizing presentation skills in universities is to promote professionalism.The whole point of Prastuti is to deliver an efficient presentation in 5 to 7 minutes that is sensible and well-organized. Participants can choose from a variety of topics, including science, technology, literature, books, movies, art, politics, and current events. They will be evaluated on their presentation, pronunciation, and communication skills.

Conference Hall
Entry Fee 50₹

What will you get from “Prastuti”?

The most important aspect of a placement or a semester project is the ability to present. We often face difficulty making slides and presenting them.

  1. So to overcome this, we bring our event, "PRASTUTI" or "The Way You Present."
  2. It will help you gain the same exposure and get mentored by experts in this field.
  3. It will give you the opportunity to share information and ideas with a group of people. This can be a great way to educate others or promote a product or idea.
  4. Giving a presentation can help you improve your public speaking skills and increase your confidence.
  5. Presenting can help you organize and clarify your thoughts, and it can be a useful way to engage with your audience and receive feedback on your ideas.
  6. It will enhance your PowerPoint-making skills.
  7. Overall, this event will make you a charismatic, articulate, eloquent, and persuasive person.

Meet Our Coordinators

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Prof.R.S. Panicker
Faculty Coordinator
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Varun Maharana
Student Coordinator
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Sanket Mathur
Student Coordinator