FAQ Training & Placement

What type of training will be provided by the institute during the curriculum?

The institute's curriculum apart from theoretical knowledge, it also incorporates multiple In-house Training (Aptitude, Reasoning etc.), Industrial visits, Internships, Vocational Training and Workshops that will help the students to bridge their theoretical knowledge with the industrial implementations. The institute's curriculum is also incorporated with English Proficiency Lectures to boost the student's communication skills.

Does the institute provide any additional personality development session?

The institute believes that, it is always the candidate's persona that adds an extra edge to the candidature. So, the institute has a tie-up with the best training institutions for the Personality Development Sessions.

What time of the year is the student permitted to go for vocational training?

The students get an opportunity to go for vocational training twice in the duration of the course, one's after completion of 4th semester before the commencement of 5th semester for 2 weeks and ones after the completion of 6th semester before the commencement of 7th semester for 4 weeks (i.e. in the month of June-July/summer vacation of every year).

What will be the overall duration of the summer/ vocational training?

The minimum duration of vocational training for a student to be completed is of 45 days (2 weeks after completing 4th semester + 4 weeks after completing 6th semester).

Does the institute provide any training before the placement drive?

Apart from regular training sessions the institute also provides the company specific training up to 2 weeks during 6th semester and 1 week during 7th semester keeping in mind the requirements of that concerned recruiters.

What is the minimum academic eligibility for taking part in campus drive of any company?

The minimum duration of vocational training for a student to be completed is of 45 days (2 weeks after completing 4th semester + 4 weeks after completing 6th semester).

What happens if we don't have the minimum academic eligibility criteria?

The minimum duration of vocational training for a student to be completed is of 45 days (2 weeks after completing 4th semester + 4 weeks after completing 6th semester).

Does the institute provide 100% placement guarantee?

Yes, the institute provides 100% placement assistance to the students who fulfill the basic academic eligibility criteria, which may further help the students to get placed to the best of their capabilities.

What kind of placement assistance does the institute provide?

The institute help the students to be prepared for interviews with concern to multi-national companies (MNC's), provide career counseling, provides guidance in writing resume, and with its strong network that has been developed over a decade with the best industries and organizations it gets onboard the best suitable opportunities for the students within the campus in form of placement drives.

What would be the maximum and average salary packages that a campus recruiter offers to the college?

The maximum salary package that was offered so far by the MNCs is 12 LPA. It generally varies between 9-12 LPA. The average salary package lies around 4.5LPA.

Does the institute provide placements in the core companies?

The institute has a strong network within the core industries, tries its best to give multiple number of opportunities to get placed in core profile jobs. But by any chance, if the student cannot get placed in any of the core companies, then the institute is backed up by various companies which offer placements which are open to all domains.

What time of the year does the placement drives generally start in the institute?

The placement drives will open for the student's ones he/ she completes his/her 6th semester. So, the placement drives generally organized from August – October during 7th semester and February – March during 8th semester of every year.

What is the difference between vocational training and internship?

A vocational training helps the students to get in touch with industry experts, travel with them and gain some knowledge regarding their area of interest from the experience of the various experts. Internship also gives an opportunity to travel with the industry experts but by being a part of their industry or organization which may also provide minimum pay in form of stipend.

From where can the student pursue Vocational training or Internship?

There is no any such specification for pursuing of vocational training or Internships. Indeed it is suggested to undergo the training with any government organization or any reputed organizations. There are many online platforms like Internshala, Let's Intern, Make Intern, Hello Intern, Virtual Internships, Way Up, Frapp etc. from where the students can seek help. The institute will also help the student in finding the right organization for vocational training or internships.

What will be the overall duration of the Internships?

The minimum duration for the internship for a student must be of at least 2 months and it can last up to 6 months.

What should I do after the completion of vocational training or internship?

After the completion of vocational training or internship, the student has to collect the certificate from the organization, prepare a detailed report on the training undergone as per the format available at http://www.bitraipur.ac.in/tnpdownloads.php and present a brief presentation in the presence of HOD, T&P In-Charge and the other entire faculty within the department.

What is an OJT?

OJT stands for On-Job Training, where a student gets an opportunity of training in an organization after getting placed in that organization in an earlier semester. But, it is restricted to 7th semester, no student earlier than 7th semester can go for OJT.

If I have any sort of doubt regarding training/placement, then to whom should I contact first?

The student can meet directly to the Dean Training & Placement, Coordinator Training & Placement, Department T & P In-Charge.